Campus San Andrés Capital Campaign


As part of its educational project, our School is undertaking the construction of the new Campus San Andrés.


The project involves moving both the Olivos and Punta Chica sites to an area of 16 has in the district of San Fernando, in order to consolidate all teaching on one site, thus forming a true educational community.


The master plan of the new Campus is moving forward in stages. In 2012 we started with the implementation of PHASE I, comprising the LANDSCAPING of the new grounds, the final stages of the SPORTS FIELD and the construction of the SPORTS PAVILION.


Funding for land acquisition and construction of the sports field came from reserves established over the years, specifically allocated for long term infrastructure investments.


Funding for the new campus will be possible thanks to the sale of the institution’s assets, according to the gradual removal of the sectors under the master plan. This funding will be complemented by fundraising campaigns specifically designed for this purpose to accompany the various stages of construction of the new campus and which are part of the Campus San Andrés Capital Campaign.


Our Capital Campaign involves a major fundraising effort at a special moment in the history of our institution.


We invite the St. Andrew’s community to participate and contribute to be part of this challenging project.


What have we achieved to date?


Campaign Objective Proceeds


Landscaping Campaign

Purchase of specimens for the new Campus $ 1.000.000


Sports Pavilion Campaign 1838 Fund

First stage of the Sports Pavilion equipment $ 1.500.000


Hockey - Synthetic Field II Campaign

Purchase of synthetic grass for Field II

$    500.000


Sports Pavilion Campaign

Second stage of the Sports Pavilion furnishing

$ 1.250.000


Phase I completion

Phase I pending works I

$ 1.340.000


Phase II - Primary Building

Primary building construction

Implementation of the bridge loan with members of the

St. Andrew´s Community

Donations $ 610.000

Loan commitments

usd 4.000.000


Phase II - Kinder Building

Kindergarten building project presentation $ 5.800.000


Phase II - Kinder Building

Clusters equipment    $5.966.000


Phase II - Furniture & Equipment Primary

Equipment for clusters & common areas

Donations usd 1.090.000

Loans usd 4. 480.000


Phase II - Furniture & Equipment Kinder

Equipment for clusters & common areas

Donations usd 171.000


For further information please contact Eliana Mocorrea - Development Director at

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