Student Participation in Training Programmes and International Competitions

In recent years, some of our most outstanding students have been able to participate in training programmes and international competitions, which, as is the case with our teachers, are not only an unique development opportunity for those involved, but also, on sharing these experiences with other students through assemblies or presentations, they serve to inspire others to set to their studies and aspire to join these programmes in the future.

Such programmes and competitions focus on all kinds of areas, and include Olympiads, international competitions, youth leadership forums, training courses offered by universities or nonprofit organisations, and other instances where, as described above, young people obtain valuable contents. In addition they will incorporate significant skills in the way they relate to others of their same age from different countries, as well as the cultural programmes associated to these experiences.

The school’s idea is to be able to offer these opportunities to the students who most deserve them and not only to those who can afford them. Thus, once again, there is a very strong incentive for the development of students’ capabilities through what they accomplish at our school.

These are some of the courses and competitions our students have attended:

-Model United Nations THIMUN The Hague

-Pan American Schools Debating Championship

-Worlds’ School Debating Championship

-LAHC Leadership Conference

-Science, Mathematics and Translation Olympiads


Relations with other institutions