Professional Development

For the last 8 years, school teachers have been training at international conferences, allowing them to be in direct contact with best practices in pedagogy and the latest trends in education, also being thus able to participate in meetings and workshops with some of the most renowned specialists in international education.

Furthermore, our heads and teachers have led sessions at these conferences, having been selected through various processes which assess the quality of proposals.

The impact of participating in these activities on the educational school project stems not only from the learning teachers acquire by attending courses and conferences, but also from contact with teachers from other schools around the world, sharing experiences and being able to compare our educational proposal with those of the best schools worldwide.

Listed here are some of the conferences our staff has assisted in the last years:

2006 NECC (National Educational Computing Conference)
2006 Leadership for Large-Scale Improvement
2006 The Project Zero Classroom
2007 ASCD Annual Conference
2007 Educational Institutions
2007 Annual ESSARP Conference
2008 ASCD Annual Conference
2008 NAESP (National Assoc. Of Elementary School Principals)
2008 LAHC (Latin American Heads Conference)
2008 NECC (National Educational Computing Conference)
2008 ESSARP Conference
2008 Innovative Learning Conference
2008 ITC Conference
2009 ASCD Annual Conference
2009 NECC (National Educational Computing Conference)
2009 Annual Latin American Heads Conference
2009 ESSARP Annual Conference
2009 CIE Teachers Conference
2009 Guest speaker University of Cambridge Forum for Principals
2009 ABSCH Conference
2009 Early Reading Development Programme Conference
2009 ASCD Annual Conference
2010 ASCD Annual Conference
2010 La Enseñanza diferenciada en el aula
2010 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workshop
2010 11th Annual Summer Institute for Int. Admission
2010 NECC (National Educational Computing Conference)
2011 ASCD Annual Conference
2011 ASE Annual Conference
2011 IB Conference on Service Learning
2011 ASCD Annual Conference
2012 ISTE Conference
2012 LAHC (Latin American Heads Conference)
2012 12th Annual Summer Institute for Int. Admission
2012 Harvard Summer Institute on Connecting the mind, the brain & Education
2012 National Service Learning Conference
2012 IB Conference of the Americas
2012 Summer Institute on Academic Diversity
2012 NAEYC
2012 Annual Conference
2012 FETC National Conference
2013 ASCD Annual Conference
2013 ISTE Conference
2013 FETC National Conference
2013 NSTA Conference
2013 The Martin Institute Conference
2013 XXIV Iberoamerican Congress & Info Security Fare
2013 IB Conference of the Americas
2013 The 4th Cultures of Thinking Conference

2014 St. Paul´s School - 2nd Education Conference

2014 ASCD Annual Conference

2014 LAHC Annual Conference

2014 IB Conference of the Americas

2014 BETT Show

2015 NSTA Annual Conference

2015 ASCD Annual Conference

2015 LAHC Annual Conference

2015 NAEYC Institute

2015 Curry Summer Institute

2015 ISTE

2015 IB Conference of the Americas

2015 Bett Exhibit & Show

2015 NAEYC Annual Conference

2015 ESSARP Conference

2015 FETC

To select teachers to take part in these initiatives, the school conducts internal project contests, summoning two or more teachers to work together creating classroom projects with students at school which are then carried out throughout the year and are presented for evaluation at the end of the academic term. The winners of these competitions, based on the evidence presented regarding student learning, are invited the following year to attend these conferences.

Part of the protocol for these trips is that teachers attending a conference or presenting their projects, on returning share their learning with other staff in their sectors, so as to transmit the knowledge acquired to their colleagues as well as sharing the positive experiences, thus encouraging them to develop similar projects.

Considering the amount of valuable projects that our teachers have created, unlike other years when the school has invested in speakers and external trainers, a very successful internal conference was held in 2014 where staff presented their most important projects to their colleagues.

Relations with other institutions