Spirituality Conference

Another hallmark of the school in recent years has been the development of spirituality programmes without any religious connotation, which allow both adults and young people to explore the dimensions of personal transcendence, personal development and fundamental values. These programmes have not only been very successful in terms of improving the working atmosphere at school and the internal climate among students, but have also served to identify potential leaders within the organisation and generally make our school a privileged environment in terms of the strength and ties that unite this community.

During 2013, we developed the 1st International Conference on Spirituality, with exhibitors from abroad and the presence of approximately 80 people from our country; this being the first occasion in the world where the theme was explicitly spirituality in schools. Our intention is to continue with this initiative, to give a much broader dissemination and outreach in order to generate a truly global community that addresses issues related to spirituality, and thus be able to share experiences and knowledge on this issue of vital importance for the development of our students.

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