Statement of Values


As a community, which seeks the flourishing of all its members within and beyond the School, St. Andrew's Scots School affirms its commitment to enshrine certain ideals throughout all teaching, administrative and organisational activities.


The first of these is consideration for the needs, rights, interests and feelings of each person; a steady disposition to treat others as we ourselves would wish to be treated.


This is enshrined in the universal precept of the 'Golden Rule', the practical habit of "loving our neighbours as ourselves". The active expression of this attitude is characterised by such virtues as:



These virtues need to be espoused in a spirit of openness, as commitment to them calls for discovery and renewal in our life as members of the community.


Spirituality at St. Andrew’s Scots School


The aim of this document is to explain the beliefs of the Founders which are the roots that nurture many of the values that the school as an institution has wedged during various generations and has moulded what St. Andrew’s Scots School is today.


See our Spirituality Document below,




Relations with other institutions